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The ProGrace Podcast

The ProGrace Podcast

Hosted by: Angela Weszely

If you don’t feel at home in either pro-life or pro-choice, explore new, nonpolitical ways to think about abortion. Instead of asking, “Should abortion be legal?” let’s ask, “How do we make this a human issue?” I...

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Abortion Conversations Without Politics: Now is the time to reimagine how Christians respond to abortion.

Episode #1

If you don't feel at home in either Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, welcome to the ProGrace podcast. Angela Weszely, CEO and co-founder of ProGrace invites you into a conversation on how to rise above the political divide and...
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Meeting at A Place of Empathy in Abortion Conversations

Episode #2

Are you a person who wrestles with how conversations about abortion are happening (or not happening) in our churches? If so, listen as Angela unpacks how Christians can find common ground aside from political binary...
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Christy Vines: How to Move from Debate to Dialogue Through the Power of Stories

Episode #3

What’s in a story? We all have one. Hearing a person’s story requires listening to understand and identify the connecting points. What if we stopped the back and forth in the abortion debate to emphatically listen to...
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Simone Halpin: Visiting Barbieland – Is the Barbie Movie Political or a Story About Bridge Building?

Episode #4

A nonpolitical discussion about the Barbie movie is important because it touches many people. It's sparking a cultural conversation about how women and men relate to each other, which must be healthy if we're going to...
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Rev. Dr. Darice Wright: Visiting Barbieland, part 2 - Grace: The Common Theme for Reconciliation

Episode #4

Angela interviews Rev. Dr. Darice Wright, Associate Pastor of Life Church in suburban Chicago, for an eye-opening conversation on her work to help pastors disciple people in racial reconciliation - and how she...
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Skye Jethani: Can We Be Honest? Creating an Environment of Safety in Our Churches

Episode #5

Research shows that many people in our culture have positive personal experiences with individual Christians in their lives but a negative perception of Christian institutions and how they interact in the public...
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Rev. Dr. Alvin Sanders: The Urban Church as a Place of Healing and Impact

Episode #6

“We’re in a time where people need healing, and the Church is the answer for that. Jesus is the answer, but [knowing] Jesus through the Church is critical. [If pastors only] knew how much people needed the Church—not...
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Lisa Fields: How Theology Can Lead to Grace-filled Conversations Across Divides

Episode #7

Guest: Lisa Fields, Founder and CEO Jude 3 Project Experiences, hurt, and trauma always filter how we receive information. So, if we ignore people's lived experiences, we miss the opportunity for connection that leads...
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Dr. Amy Peeler: Celebrating God’s Affirmation of Women in the Advent Story

Episode #8

Guest: Dr. Amy PeelerTo have new conversations about abortion, we need to step inside people’s stories. Women specifically can sometimes wonder where they can find their place in the story of God's family. We’re...
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Why I Have Hope for 2024

Episode #9

In this episode, Angela discusses her recent experience participating in the National Day of Dialogue (NDOD) 2024. The event taught practical tools for having more constructive conversations. She explains the ABCs of...
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Kristen Lonberger, COO of Living Alternatives, on Valuing Women Within a Christian Pregnancy Center

Episode #10

In this episode, Angela talks to Christian Pregnancy Center COO Kristen Lonberger of Living Alternatives about their center’s desire to treat their clients in a way that is congruent with their faith. They discuss how...
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Andrea Leigh Capuyan, ED of Laurel Pregnancy Center, on how grace and her experience shape her work with people during and after unintended pregnancy

Episode #11

Andrea Leigh Capuyan, Executive Director of the LPC in the Baltimore/Washington DC metro area and ProGrace Equip learning community member, discusses how her life experience and grace changed how she and her...
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