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Lisa Fields: How Theology Can Lead to Grace-filled Conversations Across Divides

Episode #7

Guest: Lisa Fields, Founder and CEO Jude 3 Project

Experiences, hurt, and trauma always filter how we receive information. So, if we ignore people's lived experiences, we miss the opportunity for connection that leads to transformation. In this episode, Angela sits with Lisa Fields, Founder and CEO of The Jude 3 Project, about the importance of having conversations around divisive issues like abortion and racial divides in the church. They discuss the need for Christians to model their approach after Jesus, not politics, and to listen to others' experiences with empathy and understanding. They also emphasize the importance of humility, recognizing our participation in the problem to foster compassion and reconciliation. Overall, the conversation highlights the need to receive the grace of God, to give grace to others, and how open dialogue to address these complex issues within the church is necessary to connect with the next generation.