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ProGrace is a community of people who aren’t comfortable with the limitations and political focus of either pro-life or pro-choice.


Instead, we value all human lives equally and focus on transforming Christians into a safe community for both.

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Our Core Beliefs

God’s design for pregnancy is to intertwine a woman and a child. He has made it impossible for us to try to help one while bypassing the other, but instead calls us to work for the dignity and welfare of both of them.

God’s path for transformation for any of us is always grace, not judgment. So we will extend the same grace we've received to any woman facing an unintended pregnancy.

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ProGrace is a community of people reshaping the Christian response to abortion to look more like Jesus than a political platform. ProGrace equips Christians with a new way to think, talk, and engage around abortion.


We facilitate pathways for people who want to rise above the limitations of pro-life and pro-choice rhetoric and instead value all lives equally. Our model is to focus on our own transformation to become a safe community for all people impacted by unintended pregnancy.  

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