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Who We Are

Our mission is to help Christians transform their response to abortion. As a result of this transformation, Christians will be known for being more like Jesus so that more people will feel safe to approach churches and pregnancy organizations where they can receive grace and support. 

Our Core Beliefs


ONE - God’s design for pregnancy is to intertwine a woman and a child. He has made it impossible for us to try to help one while bypassing the other, but instead calls us to work for the dignity and welfare of both of them.

TWO - God’s path for transformation for any of us is always grace, not judgment. So we will extend the same grace we've received to any woman facing an unintended pregnancy.

How the ProGrace approach can impact communities:


We facilitate programs for churches and Christian pregnancy organizations that methodically walk participants through this mindset shift, help them develop conversation skills, and provide outreach resources.

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Hear what people are saying about our work:

Tammy Abernethy, CEO Hope Women's Center Phoenix, AZ

"We had been looking for this for so long, for a different way of talking about the issue. Something is not right, the way we are trying to reach out. Our team has been so excited that ProGrace gives us the language we've been looking for, and a way to approach the issue that fits with our organization's culture. It gives us a way to be better light and salt, something that doesn't seem to have been working before."

Church and Community Engagement

Workshop participant

"ProGrace has given me permission to see benefits from both sides. It's shown me there is a better way. I always had concerns pertaining to certain practices and thoughts in the Pro-Life movement and never called myself Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. Not only have you given me a third option, but you've opened up Jesus's way to me. It was there all along but I didn't see it clearly for the trees. Thank you."

Transform participant

"I believe this training helps to solidify for me my position. I have been wrestling with some of these concepts and how my perspective may be changing. These sessions have reinforced the direction that I have been moving in. My best inspiration today was Laura's comment, 'How far will you actually go to support the woman?...Or is your true agenda only to stop abortion?'"

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