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ProGrace provides pregnancy care center leader with hope and encouragement

"As a pregnancy care center leader, ProGrace provides me with hope and encouragement. I feel heard and understood after every conversation or interaction with ProGrace staff. Within ProGrace is an awareness of the hard places where we minister." -Andrea Capuyan, Executive Director, Laurel Pregnancy Center, Laurel, MD

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A message of hope with Grace Partner Lisa Stalford

Lisa Stalford of Plano, TX, discovered ProGrace through Angela Weszely’s appearance on Phil Vicsher’s (now The Holy Post) podcast. She had tension around how she felt about the Christian response to abortion but didn’t know how to put it into words.

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ProGrace Opens Conversation Between Generations

"(ProGrace) opened a door of conversation for both of us, and it opened my eyes wider to the idea that the church needs language around this issue so that young girls and women can have a safe place to turn if they find themselves in an unexpected pregnancy situation or if they just need to wrestle with loving others better.” -Lucy, speaking of a conversation with her young adult daughter

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