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Have a loving response to abortion to help heal the division in your church.

Experience a new way to
think, talk, and engage
rooted in how Jesus responded,
not in politics.

Transform Leaders Cohort

We know that talking about abortion is hard. That's why we are launching a train-the-trainer program for those who are interested in leading or facilitating a Transform small group. In our cohort, you will learn the skills and gain the confidence to lead a small group through these difficult conversations. 

Registration for our Spring cohort is now closed. If you'd like to be notified when our next cohort is announced, sign up below. 


Here's what you can expect :



Reflection & Activities

ProGrace co-founder Angie Weszely walks through Scripture, research, and the wisdom gained from hundreds of conversations with people on both sides of the issue to lay the foundation for a new mindset and language. The course consists of eight video modules. Each module contains up to 20 minutes of teaching.

Each module has 40-60 minutes allocated for group discussion and exercises. Each short video is followed by a question to open up conversation in your group. These are safe spaces where we don't discuss our political affiliation but our desire to engage more as Jesus would.

Modules also include time for personal reflection, additional optional exercises, and real-life activities designed to prepare us for having new conversations.

If you'd like to use the Transform course with your church or small group, email us at [email protected] for more information. 

“When I was a young adult, one of my co-workers told me she thought she was pregnant and planned to terminate her pregnancy. As a Christian, I responded to her firmly in the only way I thought was consistent with my faith. When I think back on that interaction, I am uncomfortable. I feel deeply uneasy about my attitude and approach, yet don't know how I could have done otherwise. 

"Fifteen years later, I was introduced to ProGrace and the Transform course. What an incredible discovery! My eyes were opened to a new approach. As I explored the grace God has for me, I learned a way that honours the child AND the woman... and it feels very consistent with my values! I am motivated to promote an atmosphere full of grace to ensure that everyone feels welcome and loved, no matter their situation."

- Christina Denomme
Campus Minister, Montreal

Are you an individual interested in the ProGrace curriculum? Get started by visiting our page of resources for leaders.
For more information about or a sneak peek of our small group curriculum, email [email protected]