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Re-framing abortion conversations in your church

If it wasn’t apparent before Roe vs. Wade was overturned, it is now: 

churches are divided over abortion.

That division is causing tension inside the Church and eroding our ability to reach out to those impacted by unintended pregnancy and abortion.

That's why ProGrace offers resources to help your church rise above the politics and value the woman and child equally.

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"As I struggled to find a model that philosophically aligned with our churches, I Googled 'abortion a third way' and eventually discovered ProGrace. Our churches deeply resonate with the message, tools, and support offered to help us equip our congregations to be safe and loving environments. ProGrace is a gift to local churches and is designed to support pastors and leaders to equip their congregations."

Dennae Pierre, Executive Director
Surge Network of Churches, Phoenix, AZ

For more than a decade, we've worked with church leaders and have created resources to help re-frame abortion as a Kingdom issue, not a political one.

These tools will help you:

  • Take the conversation out of the pro-life/pro-choice debate

  • Communicate equal value for both the woman and the child

  • Lead your congregation to be a safe community for both

We have a host of free resources you can use to help you navigate these conversations in your church.

Get started with some of these tools: 

Podcast Episode: Pastor Scott Mehl and Talitha Phillips on how removing political language breaks the silence and increases compassion

Podcast Episode

Blog Post: Roe vs. Wade is overturned: Talking points to value the woman and child equally

Blog Post

Why ProGrace?: A two-minute video that explains the ProGrace approach

Why ProGrace?

A small group or individual study that helps Christians remove the politics, value the woman and child equally, and develop a new way to think and talk about abortion

Transform Online Course

Find even more free resources to help you navigate these conversations:

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"As a church, we would cautiously enter into various pro-life advocacy efforts, trying not to shout it in people's faces. We knew that many in our own congregation would consider themselves pro-choice, not because they don't value children, but because they have concerns for women's rights.

"When I first heard about the ProGrace approach, it was an answer to prayer. Finally, we have a way to advocate for every person - woman and child - in a way that carefully sidesteps the political rhetoric and returns to Biblically sound language that any Christian can embrace."

- Rev. Micah Greiner, Lead Pastor
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Arlington Heights, IL