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Having conversations about abortion in your church

Free resources to help you navigate the tension surrounding the abortion conversation and respond in a third, non-political way.

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We are hearing from pastors and leaders across the country about the tensions they’re experiencing trying to have conversations around abortion.

ProGrace has created a third option for approaching abortion that goes beyond the political divide by valuing the woman and child equally, and we equip Christians with this new way to think, talk and engage.

Our approach is based on how Jesus responded when facing two conflicting ideas. He always pointed out that neither offered the complete picture and instead gave a third Kingdom response.

We have a host of free resources you can use to help you navigate these conversations in your church.

Get started with some of these tools: 

Podcast Episode: Pastor Scott Mehl and Talitha Phillips on how removing political language breaks the silence and increases compassion

Podcast Episode

Blog Post: Roe vs. Wade is overturned: Talking points to value the woman and child equally

Blog Post

Why ProGrace?: A two-minute video that explains the ProGrace approach

Why ProGrace?

An online course for small groups and individuals to help your congregation have a new way to think and talk about abortion that values the woman and child equally

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