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If you don't feel at home in either Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, welcome to ProGrace.

Special Resources for an Election Year 

We know the 2024 election is already shaping up to be contentious. That's why ProGrace is providing resources to help you navigate conversations about abortion in a grace-centered, Jesus-modeled way. 

Find our Abortion in the News playlist on YouTube, or download our resource that will help you have more constructive conversations.

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The ProGrace Podcast

If you don’t feel at home in either pro-life or pro-choice, explore new, nonpolitical ways to think about abortion. Instead of asking, “Should abortion be legal?” let’s ask, “How do we make this a human issue?” I invite trusted faith leaders to join me in discussing how Jesus put people first and how we can, too. Join us and discover how to look at the issue through a lens of empathy and avoid political rhetoric.

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“Public rhetoric would lead us to believe that one must support either a woman’s health or the life of a child. Christians, more than anyone, should reject the artificial ethics of either/or. Jesus calls us to a kingdom of love and abundance where my flourishing cannot be separated from my neighbor’s. This higher, Christian ethic is where ProGrace is leading the church as it engages the reality of abortion." 

- Skye Jethani, author of What If Jesus Was Serious? and co-host of The Holy Post Podcast

ProGrace is reshaping the way that Christians think, talk, and engage on this issue in a way that values all people equally and extends grace. Through online programs, we equip individuals in churches and direct service organizations with this nonpolitical approach.

Our programs are based on these core beliefs:

We believe that God values all people equally and that by embracing this we move to a more expansive understanding of God. We will trust God for ways to value all people.
We believe that grace is God's path to true change, so we will allow His grace to lead our conversations, make us safe and welcoming communities, and create pathways of hope for all people impacted by unintended pregnancy.

We invite you to explore the transformative power of grace with us.

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For churches and individuals

A small group study on how to think, talk, and engage differently




For direct service organizations 

Easy-to-use resources to help your team embrace and communicate this new way to think, talk, and engage



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