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Christy Vines: How to Move from Debate to Dialogue Through the Power of Stories

Episode #3

What’s in a story? We all have one. Hearing a person’s story requires listening to understand and identify the connecting points. What if we stopped the back and forth in the abortion debate to emphatically listen to the other side?  In this episode, Angela sits down with Christy Vines, President and CEO of Ideos Institute, who introduces us to how she and her team use Empathic Intelligence (EmQ) to transform spaces of division. The results advance empathy, transform systems, and inspire solutions. As with the ProGrace approach to help Christians think, talk, and engage differently in unintended pregnancy and abortion conversations, Ideos Institute uses Jesus’ teaching model to help people navigate contentious topics to find common ground. Learn how you can retrain your brain to do a different job of moving from debate to dialogue by putting yourself in someone’s story. 

For more on Ideos Institute, see the show notes below, including their groundbreaking documentary Dialogue Lab: America.


1. Dialogue Lab: America | Documentary Film (2022): https://youtu.be/RJA7W3hQggE
Ideos Institute official website: https://ideosinstitute.org/ 
2. Narrative 4: https://narrative4.com/
3. Barna study: https://www.barna.com/research/polarization-2015-2022/
5. Christy LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/christyvines/