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Simone Halpin: Visiting Barbieland – Is the Barbie Movie Political or a Story About Bridge Building?

Episode #4

A nonpolitical discussion about the Barbie movie is important because it touches many people. It's sparking a cultural conversation about how women and men relate to each other, which must be healthy if we're going to have conversations that lead to empathy and understanding of divisive social issues like abortion that the Church is called to address.  

Listen in as Angela and her special guest Simone Halpin, CEO of Naomi House, unpack their takeaways from the Barbie Movie and connect it to their personal stories. Using art and comedy, can the movie be one tool to help us deconstruct some teachings we have absorbed about gender inequality from culture and the Church and replace them with true Biblical principles?  As leaders of organizations that work for the social good, Simone and Angela discuss the importance of women and men in the Church coming together for nonpolitical conversations around gender issues that reflect God’s intention of partnership.

Spoiler alert: If you plan to see the Barbie Movie, storylines, scenes, and themes are discussed.

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We encourage you to read and listen to the following for further resources. We appreciate how these two Christian leaders with different theological interpretations on women's roles agree on the Biblical imperative to prevent toxic gender narratives by following the example of Jesus.