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New Conversations About Abortion: The ProGrace Podcast.

New Conversations About Abortion: The ProGrace Podcast.

Hosted by: ProGrace

Angie Weszely and Denise Stein are having new conversations about abortion, and they hope you will join them on this journey! As co-founders of ProGrace, they are equipping Christians with a new way to think, talk and...


#13 - Jonathan Merritt on listening, language and truth

Season #2 Episode #1

Jonathan Merritt is an award-winning writer on religion, culture, and politics. He also describes himself as a Christian mystic, so we loved this thoughtful conversation about: - How a white man can have a humble...
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#14 - Tray and Jea on racism and the abortion conversation

Season #2 Episode #2

Tracey Laroche and Jeanelle Drysdale Miller are the hosts of the web series, Life with Tray and Jea. They are both Caribbean African American and from Brooklyn - Denise and Angie are white and from Illinois. So we...
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#15 - Amy Ford on the power of forgiveness

Season #2 Episode #3

Amy is the Co-Founder and President of Embrace Grace, a non-profit that inspires and equips the church to love on single and pregnant young women and their families. When Amy became pregnant at 19, her boyfriend Ryan...
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#16 - Laura McAlpine on how Christian conversations trigger the pro-choice community

Season #2 Episode #4

Laura McAlpine is Principal of McAlpine Consulting for Growth, and works with us to build bridges in the abortion conversation. She is pro-choice and doesn't identify as Christian. Denise and Angie are Christians...
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#17 - Laura McAlpine wants to know the stereotypes Christians have of pro-choice people

Season #2 Episode #5

We're back with Laura McAlpine! Because she asked us at the end of Episode 4, "why don't you ever ask me the hard questions?" So we did. We tell Laura the number one stereotype we hear from Christians about folks who...
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#18 - Tammy Abernethy on breaking barriers down in the church

Season #2 Episode #6

Tammy Abernethy is the Executive Director/CEO of Hope Women's Center, a Christian non-profit organization in the Phoenix area that provides vulnerable women and teen girls with education, mentoring, and support. ...
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#19 - Jeff Logsdon on how a pastor's transparency and humility creates safety

Season #2 Episode #7

Jeff Logsdon is lead pastor of Hope City Church in Tucson, AZ. He has been on this ProGrace journey with us for the past 2 years, and we are inspired by how he is making his church a safe place for anyone during an...
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#20 - Pastors Tim Ahlman and Jake Boessling on changing the conversation in their church

Season #2 Episode #8

Tim Ahlman and Jake Boessling pastor Christ's Greenfield Lutheran Church in Gilbert, AZ. They want to reflect the heart of Jesus in how they address abortion in their church, and talk about the journey they have been...
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