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New Conversations About Abortion: The ProGrace Podcast.

New Conversations About Abortion: The ProGrace Podcast.

Hosted by: ProGrace

Angie Weszely and Denise Stein are having new conversations about abortion, and they hope you will join them on this journey! As co-founders of ProGrace, they are equipping Christians with a new way to think, talk and...


#22, Exhaustion around abortion conversations during election season

Season #3 Episode #1

Angie and Denise are joined by Lacey Mason and Krysta Masciale, our new ProGrace team members. We talk about how exhausting it can feel to be passionate about new conversations around abortion during a divisive...
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#23, What if Roe vs. Wade is overturned?

Season #3 Episode #2

In the midst of the debate around how Supreme Court Justices and the President impact abortion laws, Angie, Denise, Lacey, and Krysta talk about what it would mean for Christians if Roe vs. Wade was overturned and...
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#24, Responses to Holy Post video on abortion

Season #3 Episode #3

Skye Jethani created a video on abortion and politics for the Holy Post podcast which came out a month before the November 2020 election and received 1 million views. Angie asks him about the responses to his video...
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