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Research Shows Abortion Rates Increase Post Dobbs: What Can We Learn From This?

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Read article here: Abortions Rose in Most States This Year, New Data Shows

A recent New York Times article shared research that reveals abortion rates have risen since the overturn of Roe V. Wade. The data from the Guttmacher Institute suggests that the number of legal abortion procedures has likely increased for two reasons: people traveling across state lines to have the procedure and access to abortive medications. The change was most striking in the states that border those that have outlawed access to abortion, as women from no-abortion states are traveling. What is the opportunity for the ProGrace Community? We already know that women are not having abortions simply because they have the legal right to do so. Women are not basing an abortion decision on the legality of abortion in their state. There are so many reasons, and many women believe that abortion is their only option. Regardless of their decision, women in these situations need emotional and practical support. 


We have heard firsthand that women experiencing unintended pregnancy need support but often do not feel churches are a safe space. Jesus came to fulfill Mosaic law as atonement and reconciliation. As the embodiment of God’s grace, we look to His example as He met people where they were to heal and restore. How would our society be different if we were a Church that lived like Jesus regarding abortion? If, rather than spending time and energy trying to change laws, we stepped forward with acceptance and grace for people facing a difficult moment, how would this change the landscape of abortion in this country and others? What would happen if, rather than spending time and energy debating the legality of abortion, we spent that time listening to people? Women, their partners, and their families face this situation with stories explaining why this pregnancy or abortion decision is a struggle for them. We know that listening with an attitude of curiosity can open us up to better understanding and more empathy. 


The fact that Christians can have a response to abortion that is separate from politics doesn’t mean that we should not vote or take a political stance on the issue.” Community support can impact the outcome of an unintended pregnancy, and churches can provide that. The fact that we have seen more energy and money flowing into the Dobbs decision and related legislation in the states and the abortion numbers increasing is a message to us that we need a Kingdom response to abortion that equally values all life. In his book Living in Christ’s Presence, Dallas Willard says, “There is nothing wrong with the church that discipleship cannot solve. Nothing.” How can we learn to be disciples who can affect change in our communities and make a difference in the abortion landscape? How can we make having a Kingdom response to abortion more important than our political response? 


Having a ProGrace approach to abortion can relieve the tension you may feel about this decisive issue. Finding a community among ProGrace can help you feel less alone if you don’t feel like you fit in the Pro-Choice or Pro-Life camps. If you want to learn more about having a Jesus-based response to complex issues like abortion, check out our website and our podcast, with new episodes launched monthly. 


If you are ready to take the next step to change the landscape of the abortion issue and learn more about your faith in the process, bring Transform the Christian Response to Abortion to your church community.

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