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How to talk about abortion in this new cultural reality

Jun 14, 2022


We’ve come to the end of our 4-month series on how to approach the abortion topic in light of the upcoming Supreme Court decision. But this is just the beginning as we learn to navigate the changes in the political landscape around abortion.

Halfway through a conversation yesterday with someone new to our community, he said to me, “Oh, now I understand what you do. It’s not typical training and learning new information but an immersive, transformational experience.” I love when people get that! Because it’s central to our purpose. 

I’m thrilled to let you know we have just launched the group version of Transform, our 8-week course on how to think and talk differently around abortion. 

Here is what others are saying about Transform:

“It helped remove the noise and looked at the debate from an angle I haven’t been hearing. And presented a third way, not as a compromise, but in a similar way to how the Gospel gives a third way.”

“This is the most unifying language - it brings people together like nothing else. I want to see many of our church small groups go through this.”

I had felt deeply uneasy about my attitude and approach when a friend had confided in me about an unintended pregnancy. But I didn't know how I could have done otherwise. Fifteen years later, I was introduced to Transform. What an incredible discovery! My eyes were opened to a new approach as I explored the grace that God has for me and learned a way that honors the child AND the woman…and it feels very consistent with my values!” 

If you are longing for a way out of the tensions around the abortion conversation and into the freedom of communicating God’s heart for both the woman and the child, I invite you to engage in this immersive, transformational experience.

And let’s prepare ourselves for this opportunity to demonstrate a fuller picture of God’s grace and compassion to all who are watching how Christians will respond to this cultural moment.

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