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Does the Roe decision impact the ProGrace strategy? Part 2

Aug 24, 2022

Since Roe vs. Wade was overturned, many people have asked us, “Will this impact the ProGrace mission or strategy?” It’s a valid question since it can seem as if everything around the whole abortion conversation is changing. 

In a series of three newsletters, we’re looking at three key realities that haven’t changed and why the ProGrace mission of providing Christians with a new way to think, talk, and engage is more important than ever.

What hasn’t changed:

  1. Christians need a response to abortion that reflects the Kingdom, not a political party 
  2. The realities of unintended pregnancy that cause women to believe their only options are abortion or overwhelming struggle still exist
  3. No abortion laws will change the fact that only 7% of people approach Christians for help before an abortion, citing fear of judgment and lack of visible support

Today we’ll look at the second reality:

The realities of unintended pregnancy that cause women to believe their only options are abortion or overwhelming struggle still exist.

There is so much focus right now on whether or not abortion will be or should be legal that it’s easy to lose sight of what really drives abortion: unintended pregnancy. No woman has an abortion simply because it’s legal and accessible. Women have abortions because the panic, isolation, and shame of an unintended pregnancy cause them to believe their only options are abortion or overwhelming struggle.

I don’t know of any abortion law in the country that aims to address this reality by providing every woman with the emotional and practical support needed to defuse panic, isolation, and shame. Rather, each law simply states whether or not abortion is legal and when it is legal, which does nothing to address the reality of why women have abortions.

To illustrate this fact, consider the Texas law restricting abortion after six weeks that went into effect last fall. In the first six months, the total number of Texan women getting abortions fell by only 10%, because most Texans went to neighboring states or ordered medication online. Medication is difficult to regulate and now accounts for half of all U.S. abortions. “The law has not done anything to change people’s need for abortion care; it has shifted where people are getting their abortion,” stated a University of Texas researcher commenting on these results.

These studies offer qualitative proof of what we know from quantitative research: women don’t have abortions simply because they are legal, but because of intense emotional distress and lack of other viable options. That’s why a law allowing or restricting abortion has minimal impact on whether or not people pursue it.

However, we also know from quantitative research that when people facing unintended pregnancy encounter acceptance and support, it can defuse that panic, isolation, and shame. And we know that God can create pathways of hope for both women and children.

When we can understand that the legality of abortion does not affect the need for the procedure, we start to unpack the reasons that abortions are sought, and the ineffectiveness of legislation in stopping them from being performed. When faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem, the pathway is clear: God can solve this. He always does, and He always will. We just need to be willing to dig deep and seek His truth.

This is what your partnership with ProGrace can change.

The ProGrace Equip learning community provides pregnancy organizations with everything they need to ensure that their team responds with grace, support, and professionalism to the pregnant women who come to them for help. 

The ProGrace Transform online course provides Christians in churches and small groups with a new way to think, talk, and engage that will open up this conversation in their churches—making them safe for people to approach when impacted by unintended pregnancy or abortion.

These ProGrace programs are completely online and ready to scale. Will you consider partnering with us to create more awareness? 

For the next five months, we are looking for partners who will invest in an online campaign to promote these programs to Christian leaders who are ready for a new way to respond to abortion and can influence others:

$133 funds one day of the online campaign

$1000 funds one week

$4000 funds one month

Thank you for considering how you might spread the word!

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