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Our Team

Angela Weszely, CEO and Co-Founder


“My passion is to unify the Christian response to abortion by focusing on Jesus and how He always leads with grace. I love to dream about ways we can do better, then engage like-minded people in conversations and discussions to actually bring solutions.”

Angela Weszely is the CEO and Co-Founder of ProGrace, a pioneering voice called to reshape the Christian response to abortion by modeling Jesus. Angela is an accomplished speaker, teacher, and coach with a varied 27-year career background in ministry and corporate training, which includes 9 years as a Campus Crusade Minister and Dale Carnegie facilitation training. Before ProGrace, Angela spent ten years as President of Caris Pregnancy Counseling Resources in Chicago. This role was her first experience in the pro-life/pro-choice space, and her journey awakened the passion and transformative content behind ProGrace. She feels deeply connected to the work she does and the  power of grace. Angela loves to contemplate big ideas and works to ensure that ProGrace lives up to its moral and theological tenets externally and internally. Angie enjoys biking along Lake Michigan, reading novels, cooking Middle Eastern cuisine, relaxing on her porch, and watching the BBC. She is married with one teenager at home and an adult daughter and son-in-law.

Beverly Moore, Managing Director


“I seek to fulfill my assignment as a Christian educator, minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and business leader. My vision is ‘to be a woman of God who lives an uncommon life centered on bringing glory to God by teaching sound doctrine, fervent in prayer, and articulating great ideas as a communicator.’"

Beverly serves as Managing Director for ProGrace. She is a seasoned marketing communication professional with over 15 years of experience working on some of the world's most recognized brands in the private and non-profit sectors. Beverly is passionate about making a difference and thus seeks to align her work with her values.Beverly is also the author of numerous articles on various Christian platforms. Most notably, she was a freelance writer for Urban Ministries Inc., writing content to reach adults, youth, and young adults. She was a contributing author to the anthology: I Know Who I Am: Stories of Race, Racism and 21st Century Realities. She acts on her mission through writing, instruction, and example to support growth in the body of Christ and enable believers to stand firm in their faith and effectively communicate God’s love and grace to others. 

Beverly earned a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary.  She graduated with Academic Distinction from Illinois Institute of Technology’s Stuart School of Business with a Master’s Degree in Marketing Communications Management. She was inducted into the International Honor Society of Beta Gamma Sigma, which recognizes excellence in Business. She serves on the board of directors and membership committee for the American Marketing Association, Chicago Chapter. In her spare time, Beverly is a cardio junkie and a foodie. She enjoys working out with the best Fit Fam on the planet, hanging with friends over a good meal, writing, and relaxing at home watching reruns. 

Katie Stockton Potts, Program Director 

“I have always had a passion for education and teaching. Earlier in my career, I focused on academic music, but as I have grown, my calling has shifted. It has been refocused on theology and scripture, spiritual formation, and social justice. I feel called to my work at ProGrace, and love our organization’s aim to refocus a conversation around what I see as a human justice issue to more closely reflect Biblical truth. “

Katie Stockton Potts is the Program Specialist at ProGrace, overseeing online course curriculum, program content, and strategic partnerships for churches and pregnancy organizations. She is passionate about education and theology. Prior to ProGrace, Katie worked as a high school choral music educator in both public and private schools and as a professional choral musician. She has a Master of Music in Choral Conducting from Louisiana State University and a Bachelor of Music Education from Northwestern State University of Louisiana. Originally from Louisiana, she resides in Central Illinois with her husband Charlie, daughters Cecilia and Mara, and dogs Sweeney and Rio. She is eternally curious and intellectual, with a constant (and tall) stack of thought-provoking books to dive into in any spare moment she can find. Apart from work and reading, Katie can be found making music and desperately clinging to her Cajun cultural roots.

Korey Ward Oskins, Communication Specialist

“Each person has a story, and those untold stories speak multitudes about the human experience. I feel it is my calling to use the gifts I have been given to help incubate, nurture, and communicate the stories inside each of us.”

Korey Ward Oskins is the Communication Specialist at ProGrace. She is passionate about taking thoughts and ideas and turning them into words that can connect people. Her role at ProGrace allows her to do this and to communicate God’s love and grace. Before ProGrace, Korey worked as an academic copyeditor, freelance copywriter, and marketing writer. She has a bachelor of arts degree in English Literature from Loyola Marymount University, emphasizing in Medieval and Renaissance literature and the literature of the American South. She lives in Orange, California, with her husband, Josh, and two sons, Jacob and Jackson. Korey loves reading good fiction, hiking in the local canyons and mountains, camping with her family, chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies, tending to her succulent garden, trying a new recipe, and the sound of a good rainstorm.