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What Happens When Churches Embrace & Support Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancy

church grace impact prograce Dec 10, 2018

I’m so grateful for your support this year. I know you’ll be encouraged to hear that the ProGrace vision to see the local church be the first place a woman turns to for support when faced with an unplanned pregnancy is starting to happen!

A beautiful example of what happens through your generosity.

This is a beautiful example of what happens through your generosity. Be encouraged by this amazing journey of one pregnancy organization, one church, and a young woman named Rhiannon.

Rhiannon's Church Gave Her Hope from ProGrace on Vimeo.

Elisa Medina, Executive Director of Hands of Hope Tucson was sad about the fact that many women facing unplanned pregnancy view the church as a place to run from rather than to run to. “I’d really love to see that change,” said Elisa. “The ProGrace training helps prepare churches to be a safe place for women facing unplanned pregnancy.”

To be part of this change, Elisa decided to bring her friend Jeff Logdson, Lead Pastor, Hope City Church, Tucson to a ProGrace training in 2017. He shared his experience, “There are such polarizing views on abortion. It’s challenging to have unifying language. The things that are shared in the ProGrace workshop elevate the conversation, and that’s very liberating.”

Jeff and Elisa worked together to present the ProGrace message at Hope City Church, and a young woman named Rhiannon was there that day.

When I didn’t know what to do, I called Pastor Jeff.”

When Rhiannon found out she was pregnant, she was facing some real challenges and unsure what to do. When she told the father of the baby, he wanted her to have an abortion… So the next person she called? Her pastor. “When I didn’t know what to do, I called Pastor Jeff.”

Hope City Church then contacted Hands of Hope, and they worked together to support Rhiannon through her high-risk pregnancy, which required bed rest. She had been working two jobs, but both let her go when they realized she was pregnant. She struggled to pay rent. “I think it would be easy for someone to say, ‘it’s easier for me to have an abortion’ and not have to struggle through all that,” said Jeff.

Rhiannon gave birth to a baby girl in July, and she dedicated Lehua at Hope City Church in August.

She has a hope within her, and the church has rallied around her.”

Rhiannon and Lehua are part of the family at Hope City Church, and Jeff is pastoring them on a journey of grace. Nothing about Rhiannon’s life has been easy at all, but she has never once complained,” he said. “She has a hope within her, and the church has rallied around her.”


This story shares the difference you make through your partnership with ProGrace. Thank you!

Statistically, 4 out of 10 women who have abortions are church-goers at the time, but only 7% of them talk to anyone at their church before making this decision. ProGrace churches and pregnancy organizations are committed to changing this statistic!

Imagine what could happen

Imagine what could happen if stories like Rhiannon’s could be multiplied over and over at churches all across America. We believe God could turn the tide of abortion. Consider how you can be a part of the solution to equip more churches to have a grace response to women facing unplanned pregnancy so that they and their children can thrive!

Phase 1 of the plan in 2019 will cost $80,000

In 2018, we developed a scalability plan that would ultimately make ProGrace accessible to churches and pregnancy organizations across the country. To implement phase 1 of the plan in 2019 will cost $80,000, which is a 25% increase to our budget. We need your help to make this possible.

Will you prayerfully consider giving a gift to make this possible?

If we can scale ProGrace and equip leaders like Jeff and Elisa, we can see many more life-changing stories like Rhiannon’s.



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