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Does the Roe decision impact the ProGrace strategy? Part 3

Aug 31, 2022

Since Roe vs. Wade was overturned, many people have asked us, “Will this impact the ProGrace mission or strategy?” It’s a valid question since it can seem as if everything around the whole abortion conversation is changing. 

In a series of three newsletters, we’re looking at three fundamental realities that haven’t changed and why the ProGrace mission of providing Christians with a new way to think, talk, and engage is more important than ever.


What hasn’t changed:

  1. Christians need a response to abortion that reflects the Kingdom, not a political party 
  2. The realities of unintended pregnancy that cause women to believe their only options are abortion or overwhelming struggle still exist 
  3. No abortion laws will change the fact that only 7% of people approach Christians for help before an abortion, citing fear of judgment and lack of visible support


Today we’ll look at the third reality:

No abortion laws will change the fact that only 7% of people approach Christians for help before an abortion, citing fear of judgment and lack of visible support.

The first two realities directly affect this reality: when Christians only respond with a political mindset and language, people experiencing the panic, isolation, and shame of an unintended pregnancy don’t feel safe to approach us for help. 

And yet, if the Church were the community Jesus set us up to be, we could extend the grace and support that could defuse panic, isolation, and shame and help create pathways of hope instead. 

Many people are posting and commenting that now is the time for the Church to step up and demonstrate value for both women and children. While I’m grateful God is laying that on their hearts, they offer no pathway to get there. There is a reason people haven’t perceived us as safe these past 50 years, and no abortion law will change that. We need to transform ourselves to see that change. 

Tammy Abernethy, CEO of Hope Women’s Center in Arizona, shares how ProGrace facilitates that transformation: 


Most of our volunteers come from local churches. As we talk about ProGrace, they get so excited about this response. Many open up about how abortion has impacted them, yet they've never disclosed that to anybody. Then as they begin to tell us their own story, it always comes back to, "If only I had experienced something like this. If only my church had been able to respond to my unplanned pregnancy in this way…I would have had different conversations. I wouldn't have felt so alone. I may have had a different outcome.

I hear that time and time again. And they become passionate about promoting ProGrace. In their own lives they have seen the lack of a grace response, so they are passionate about bringing a grace response to others.”


Tammy can explain the ProGrace approach to more churches than ever because all ProGrace programs are online and ready to scale. Will you consider partnering with us to create more awareness? 


For the next five months, we are looking for partners who will invest in an online campaign to promote these programs to Christian leaders who are ready for a new way to respond to abortion and can influence others:

$133 funds one day of the online campaign

$1000 funds one week

$4000 funds one month

Thank you for considering how you might spread the word! You can change this reality and bring a Kingdom answer that will impact more people than any law ever will--the answer is grace, and we can help you practice it, communicate it, and offer it to change the lives of so many.

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