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Discussion Topic: The Roe debate pits woman against child. How can Christians respond?

grace prograce Jul 13, 2018

The topic of abortion rose again to the forefront of media attention a few weeks ago when Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement. Since that time, I’ve been mulling over the ProGrace position in light of all the heated discussions about the new Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

I’m so thankful that ProGrace believes God values all life, and doesn’t take a stand politically. This allows us to enter into dialogue without fear of relationships breaking down. We absolutely need to be having conversations. This issue is too important to let the angry voices have all the say. I believe we can have conversations that demonstrate our faith in God’s ability to bring a solution that is full of grace, truth and love.

That’s why we are starting a three-part series on how to have different, bridge building discussions (see below). Every other week, we will post a different angle on the topic. Each post in the series will contain:

  • something for us to think and pray about
  • questions we can ask to start the dialogue
  • a ProGrace main point we can use to stay centered

Will you pray about starting a conversation with someone in the next week? Start with a family member or close friend. I’m confident that once you see how well it goes, you will be able to discuss this with anyone, no matter where they stand on the issue.

Something to think about:

Every time we turn on the news about the new Supreme Court nominee, we see that pro-life proponents are excited to see the rights of the child elevated, while pro-choice proponents are terrified the rights of women will be diminished.

This illustrates the very dilemma that creates the current political stalemate. God’s design of pregnancy was to intertwine a woman and child, making it impossible for us to try and help one while bypassing the other. When we pit the rights of one person against the rights of the other, it will always be a tug of war, and a no-win conversation.

That’s why this is the perfect time to enter into a different type of conversation, one that allows us to represent God’s heart, the way He loves and values the woman and the child equally.

Questions you can ask to start a conversation:

Are you comfortable with choosing one of the two current political options? Or do you feel conflicted and have a hard time aligning exclusively with either one?

How would you feel about a Christian response committed to focusing equally on the dignity and welfare of both the woman and the child? Is this something you think is possible?

ProGrace main point you can stick to:

God values the woman and child equally, and has plans for a hopeful future for both of them. That’s why I’m ProGrace, because I believe He has a better way that can sidestep the political debate and allow us to create communities of support that can help both women and children thrive.

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