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Discussion Topic: Is the Church ready for Roe vs. Wade to be overturned?

abortion debate church grace prograce Aug 13, 2018

Something to think about:

Check out this article from Christianity Today that is even more relevant now than when it was published last year.

In it, Kelly Rosati, vice president of community outreach at Focus on the Family, asks the question, “What if Roe were overturned and abortion were outlawed in some states today? Would we be prepared to assist the hundreds of thousands of young moms for whom abortion is no longer a legal option? Would we have the resources and infrastructure in place to truly minister to them at their point of need?”

Questions you can ask to start a conversation:

For those inside the church: Are we ready to welcome pregnant women into our church with the same posture Jesus had? Or do we have judgments and stereotypes that are holding us back?

For those outside the church: What do you think of the church’s response to abortion so far? What do you think we could do better to become a safe place for women facing unplanned pregnancy?

ProGrace main point you can stick to:

God is calling us to make our churches safe and welcoming, just like Jesus was, so that we are the first place a woman turns for help when she discovers she is pregnant. I believe this is God’s answer to the abortion dilemma.

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