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 Equipping Christians
with a third option to
approaching the
pro-life / pro-choice

When Jesus was confronted with two conflicting ideas, He always pointed out that neither offered the complete picture and instead gave a third Kingdom response.

When we don't present a third Kingdom response to the abortion issue, we participate in the polarization rather than being a safe place for people to approach.

*4 in 10 women who have abortions are regular churchgoers at the time.  


Only 16% of them approach a church for help.


*LifeWay Research (ProGrace is not affiliated with nor receives sponsorship from LifeWay.)

We see three main tensions for Christians surrounding the abortion conversation. 


We don't know how to talk about abortion. 

We feel lost in the polarization around abortion. 

We feel confusion around the role of the Church when it comes to abortion.


ProGrace immersive training programs relieve this tension by equipping you with a new way to think, talk, and engage so you can make a positive change in the abortion conversation.


For groups and individuals

A transformative learning experience




For pregnancy organizations 

Leadership training and equipping resources for your whole organization


Christian leaders tell us they want to change this reality but experience tension when trying to address abortion.


“Public rhetoric would lead us to believe that one must support either a woman’s health or the life of a child. Christians, more than anyone, should reject the artificial ethics of either/or. Jesus calls us to a kingdom of love and abundance where my flourishing cannot be separated from my neighbor’s. This higher, Christian ethic is where ProGrace is leading the church as it engages the reality of abortion." 

- Skye Jethani, author of What If Jesus Was Serious? and co-host of The Phil Vischer Podcast

Hear what our partners say about us:


"The ProGrace training experience has given me permission to see benefits from both sides. It's shown me there is a better way. I've always had concerns pertaining to certain practices and thoughts in the Pro-Life movement and I've never called myself Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. Not only have you given me a third option, but you've opened up Jesus' way to me. It was there all along, but I didn't see it clearly for the trees. Thank you."




"Through the training, there was the ah-ha moment happening with people from our church who were in the sessions with us. They were saying 'Ah! This is exactly what we’ve been talking about, this is what it’s like to have the Gospel applied to everyday situations in our city.' To couch and frame issues in our society, like abortion and such politicized issues, in a way to say 'How do we look at this from the lens of the Gospel of grace and approach it in a new way?' That’s what Jesus’ ministry was all about - showing people the third and better way."

Pregnancy Organization

Executive Director 

“After implementing ProGrace training into our women’s care center, what I see culturally is our team is able to relax into being a channel for God’s love and grace for her, not feeling the pressure to have all the right words or arguments lined up. We’ve seen relationships build, mentors and clients evolving into a softer and more collaborative relationship than before. Now they can rest in God’s work. We’ve seen it grow - the center has exploded with growth; so, so many more women coming.”



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