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Bridging the abortion divide through a third option

The church is divided on abortion.

And it’s because we frame our response within the mindset and language of
the pro-life/pro-choice debate.

But imagine if we framed our response
apart from either political position
and instead rooted it in how Jesus interacted with all people: 
with compassion, empathy, and grace. 



When we re-frame our response, we can bridge the divide.

“Public rhetoric would lead us to believe that one must support either a woman’s health or the life of a child. Christians, more than anyone, should reject the artificial ethics of either/or. Jesus calls us to a kingdom of love and abundance where my flourishing cannot be separated from my neighbor’s. This higher, Christian ethic is where ProGrace is leading the church as it engages the reality of abortion." 

- Skye Jethani, author of What If Jesus Was Serious? and co-host of The Phil Vischer Podcast

ProGrace is bridging that divide through a new way to think, talk, and engage that values the woman and child equally and extends grace. Through online programs, we equip individuals in churches and pregnancy organizations with this nonpolitical approach.

Our programs are based on these core beliefs:

We believe God values the woman and child equally and that embracing this we move to a more expansive theological perspective of consistently advocating for the welfare of both people.
We believe when grace through community replaces shame and judgment, people are transformed. That is the community we seek to create for all experiencing unintended pregnancy and abortion.

We invite you to explore this third option with us.

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